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When you are looking for high-quality performance motorsport parts, GEAR-X has you covered. We offer a variety of high-strength, performance-tuned gear sets designed for road racing along with 4-speed helical and dog kits for drag racing. With our parts, you are sure to have the edge over your competition, ensuring that your car performs at its peak while on the track.

All of our components are made using top-caliber materials, giving you peace of mind that your gearbox will be able to stand up to the intense stresses of high-performance racing. Contact us to learn more about our quality auto racing parts and to see the difference that GEAR-X parts can make in the performance of your vehicle.

Built By Racers for Racers

As racers ourselves, we understand the expectations that you place on the performance of the parts in your car. That is why we have dedicated ourselves to always delivering the best aftermarket auto parts and accessories for racers. All of our components are designed to last and are thoroughly tested in-house to ensure that they meet our high standards. We also offer a manufacturer’s warranty on all of our parts to ensure that you are covered in the event of any defects.

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