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Gear-X race car fully loaded with racing performance parts.

About Us and Our Full-Sequential Gearboxes

Outfit your vehicle with the highest quality full-sequential gearboxes from our auto supply company. For more than 18 years, we’ve maintained a reputation as one of the most well-known brands in the racing part industry. With our worldwide distribution network, we can provide our customers with a broad array of transmission, performance, and many other auto racing parts.

GEAR-X was founded in January 2001 by Jeff "Kiwi" Owen, owner of Special Projects Motor Sports (co-owned by the late Don Wilson). While we started as a sideline, we’ve quickly grown and expanded our supplies to include many auto brands and manufacturers. All of our distributors have our full backing and support.

Committed to Quality

When you want superior aftermarket racing parts, look no further than our shop. We are continually improving not only the quality of our products but also our customer service experience. All of our brand final drives, custom gear ratios, close-ratio gear sets, and dog gear sets come with a limited manufacturer’s warranty against manufacturing defect, and our Torsen GTS FWD & AWD LSD's have a lifetime guarantee.

Everything we carry is carefully tested in-house, both in the workshop and on the track. Our championship-winning team cars in the USA, New Zealand, UAE, and the UK verify every product before it’s released for general sale. We pride ourselves on offering the highest quality after-sales drag racing performance parts.

Aftermarket racing part for your car.

The Premier Supplier

Our worldwide manufacturing and distribution networks are based in many different countries, allowing us to provide you with the parts you need, no matter where you’re located. Everything is crafted with precision, ensuring we meet OEM specifications. With our reputation for quality parts, we’ve become the primary supplier to many major tuning companies and international race teams competing at some of the most significant events.

We are continuing to develop new performance transmission parts to cater to specific vehicles and race categories, from street racing to drag racing, and everything in between. Our knowledge and expertise in the industry are unparalleled, so you can feel confident that you’re purchasing parts from the most qualified supplier. The strength and reliability of our full-sequential gearboxes and aftermarket racing parts have made us the primary choice for many racing divisions.