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Quality Auto Racing Parts

At GEAR-X, we know that quality and performance are part of the same machine. With this in mind, our company has provided quality auto racing parts to professional and enthusiast motorists around the world. With our skill and experience, we have developed a wide array of automotive components that set records—and break them. Learn more about our auto parts. You can always count on us to provide the components you and your team need to rule the speedways.

We offer aftermarket custom gear sets.

Aftermarket Custom Gear Sets

Automotive racing is a sport that is all about testing limits. It is a union between motorist and machine. We know that in this sport the smallest of details can make the biggest difference. With every race and every time trial, it is important that drivers and their crews have access to tough and reliable parts. That is what we do—make the best parts.

Our aftermarket car parts company is dedicated to producing vehicle components that empower users to race with confidence. All of our aftermarket custom gear sets and racing parts are precision-engineered. We utilize the latest manufacturing methods and quality materials. The result is a selection of performance-grade components that you can count on.

There are many benefits to our custom parts sets:

Compatibility: We make parts for vehicles from the big names in auto manufacturing—Honda, BMW, and Subaru, to name a few. By ordering from us, you gain access to parts that are designed specifically for competition. There’s no need to spend resources on potentially dangerous modifications. You can have confidence in knowing that what we make will help your vehicle perform.

Flexibility: Touring, rallies, and drag racing: we’re racers who make parts for other racers. From drag racing car parts to close-ratio gear sets, our team is dedicated to crafting aftermarket parts that you can use for your specific needs.

Support: We design and build our parts to last, and we stand by our work. The majority of our GEAR-X brand products have a warranty against manufacturer’s defects, and each of our products is thoroughly tested in-house. On top of that, we offer industry-leading customer support for everything we make.

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From Honda series gear sets to full-sequential gearboxes, we have the parts you need to make your vehicle perform better. We invite you to explore our catalog of parts and feel the difference. We have created

Contact us to place your order for full-sequential gearboxes. We are based in Orange, CA, and ship our products worldwide.