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High-Performance Racing Parts Lead To Falling Lap Times

We break records, not parts. It may seem like we are bragging, but not when it’s true. As you know, the racing world is full of competitive and boastful individuals who trumpet their successes. We aren’t doing that here; we are just telling the truth. And the truth is that we provide performance parts of the highest quality which has proven to be durable and dependable time after time in the crucible of racing.

The track is where the contenders get separated from the pretenders and when you choose high-performance racing parts from us at GEAR-X, we know which side you will land on.

We offer aftermarket custom gear sets.

Getting the Power to the Track

The union between driver and machine is closest on the track, and the union between the engine and that same track travels through the gearbox. If you can’t rely on the parts you’ve loving assembled in the garage or the pits, that union is busted quickly.

Our quality auto racing parts are precision engineered and machined with the latest manufacturing methods and top-caliber materials. This attention to detail and durability leads to performance-grade components that can withstand the rigors of racing.

The Right Parts for You

Racing is a big-budget activity, even at the lowest levels. That’s why you need to know that the parts you purchase are worth the money. At GEAR-X you get the peace of mind which comes from knowing you’ve spent your hard-earned money on racing performance parts which get the job done. Our products are compatible with the big names in the auto business, such as BMW, Honda, and Subaru. The units we create are designed specifically for competition and provide a level of safety that you don’t get with off-the-shelf pieces which can’t stand the strain.

As racers building parts for racers, we know there are many varieties of events to compete in and our components meet the needs of each one. Rest assured that we are dedicated to crafting parts you can use for your specific needs.

Not only do we design and build our parts, such as competition close-ratio gear sets, to last, but we also back them with a manufacturer’s warranty against defects. We thoroughly test our products in-house and offer industry-leading customer support.

In our catalog, you are going to find the answers for your racing questions.

Contact us to get the parts that lead to lower lap times and racing glory. We are proud to serve all racers from our location in Orange, CA.